quotation-marks_blackThe energy that bursts free from a Cool Ideas Society session is often hard to put in words. The experience is far more powerful. Here is nevertheless a small sample of feedback providing an impression of what Cool Ideas Society is about. More information can be found in the respective country sites.


A pitch about ‘father’ coaching by fathers, Netherlands

Jeroen de Jong – The Practical Fathers

‘I really enjoyed pitching – my story streamed out with so much energy. That was contagious with what was to follow. So many tips, reactions and ideas came to fruition. The ‘post-its’ were a great present but the people were just as important for me if not more.’

Thanks for the cool organisation and the great enthousiasm from the partcipants. This evening meant a lot to me and was a turning point – a turning point that is can be done!


Pitcher Essen, Germany

Wow! We‘re working on it! Thank you for these opportunities! That was a great huge inspiration!


Vodafone Netherlands

Michiel Janssen

“Every time again I am impressed by the amount of energy that breaks free during the sessions, especially between people that hardly know each other.

My pitch was about the future of Telecom and how telecommunication companies can continue to provide added value to customers. We have welcomed the ideas and are looking internally to set up a new department in order to work the ideas out further.

Satisfied – Absolutely! I would definately recommend it for the personal development of people but also the concretization and realization of ideas.”


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