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Our Story


What we strive for:

Cool Ideas Society empowers individuals, businesses and educators to unlock their potential, discover possibilities and bring this into action. By providing an open social innovation platform we help stimulate the world of possibilities.

Our aim is to inspire and change the mindset of as many people and establishments across the world to go for what they believe in – their essence. To create a worldwide sustainable movement of change makers that create personal, social and economic impact.


Our values are based on the principles of:

Being Open – open minded for change, open to accept, open space to explore, open for failure (no right or wrong), open to learn

Human – trust, compassion, respect for each other and the environment

Empower – acknowledge skills, nurture courage and motivate into action

Playful – through creative techniques, and a social fun platform, we make the ideation process playful and highly effective

If we had a mascot to respresent ourselves  we’d choose a monkey – a creative and fun species who dares to ‘do’.
Alongside that we’d also choose a honey bee to represent our great team of facilitators. They are a passionate self-organized team of people that collect the nectar (ideas and opinions) of individuals and businesses – creating something very tangible, rich and sustainable (the honey).


How it started:

The concept (or should I say hobby) started in the Netherlands in 2009  when Bela Evers and Bas Mennink (the initiators) got together with a friend to exchange ideas and help each other work out their idea. Due to its positive vibe and openness, the concept soon grew organically across cities in the Netherlands under the name of ‘Gave Dingen Doen’ – free sessions to help people with ideas through co-creation and innovation.

By 2011 a dutch participant took the idea to China under our international name of ‘Cool Ideas Society’. Four years on – Cool Ideas Society now operates in 12 cities in the Netherlands, 4 cities in Germany and in China & Mexico (and is still growing). We have helped hundreds of people around the world with their idea, and our ambition is to help 10,000 people by 2020. We can only make this possible by having a self sustainable model. That is why we now offer paid sessions – what we earn from commercial companies we put back into society. That is the power of  Cool Ideas Society  – creating value for society by society.

> Whats your story? We’d love to be a part of it and help shape your future story. Contact Us.





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