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The Hutong Pitch

“Hi All,

Thank you so much for all the many great ideas about Creative Hutong Golf and for taking the time to listen to my ramblings.
I immediately wrote up all the info from the post it notes, so that we can use them to make plans for turning you ideas and suggestions into actions.
I really enjoyed this event and offer a big congratulations to Anna and Henry for getting it up and running.
I found it much more enjoyable and useful than any other networking event that I have been to.
It is really practical, yet creative at the same time.
I especially enjoyed the section at the end, where people can ask 1 question.
This is so useful in Beijing and it really makes networking so much easier when you can get straight to the point and exchange relevant information with people that you have a genuine connection.
So thanks again, it was a pleasure meeting you all and good luck with all your ventures.
I┬áhope to see you at Creative Hutong Golf.”
Stacey Shine
Co-founder The Hutong

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