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TimeOut for Cool Ideas Beijing

The sessions in China, Beijing are always full. Great for the pitcher who gets more ideas, great for network building, but above all a great dynamic atmosphere in helping each other realize their big idea. TimeOut Beijing recently featured an article about the local Cool Ideas Society.

‘Fancy yourself as the next Donald Trump? Then consider signing up for one of the monthly meetings of the Cool Ideas Society – a forum where like-minded entrepreneurs can bounce ideas around in an effort to inspire creative thinking.’ Read the full article

If you want to get an impression of Cool Ideas Beijing in action at O Henry’s bar  – take a look at the video

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Cool Ideas Society – Beijing Succes!

The kickoff in Beijing China was a succes! Anna and Paul did a great job on organizing the first session.
We had only a couple of talks via Skype to get them up to speed. All they needed was to understand the format and they did a super session.

The feedback from the people joining was super and a big encouragement to organize future sessions.

Anna and Paul even found a Chinese facilitator who will help us bringing The Cool Ideas Society to the people in China!