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  • Become inspired

    Do you have an idea or dream yet face challenges along the way? Share your story and pitch your idea to others who will help lift you up to the next level of realizing your idea. A fascinating and enriching experience. Contact Us

  • Become a participant

    Do you like to help others, and especially those who have something cool to offer the world. Your partcipation is priceless to the one pitching their idea. Imagine the look on the face of someone who is overwhelmed with suggestions. Step up and feel the energy of sharing ideas. Participate

  • Become a facilitator

    Our facilitators are a special breed. Passionate to help others achieve their dreams and ideas. Would you like to bring Cool Ideas to a city near you and help facilitate sessions? Let us know and maybe we can make the world a cooler place together. Set in action

"I found it much more enjoyable and useful than any other networking event that I have been to. It is really practical, yet creative at the same time."

Stacey Shine, The Hutong

TimeOut for Cool Ideas Beijing

The sessions in China, Beijing are always full. Great for the pitcher who gets more ideas, great for network building, but above all a great dynamic atmosphere in helping each other realize their big idea. TimeOut Beijing recently featured an article about the local Cool Ideas Society.

‘Fancy yourself as the next Donald Trump? Then consider signing up for one of the monthly meetings of the Cool Ideas Society – a forum where like-minded entrepreneurs can bounce ideas around in an effort to inspire creative thinking.’ Read the full article

If you want to get an impression of Cool Ideas Beijing in action at O Henry’s bar  – take a look at the video

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