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Have you ever thought of what it takes to become a facilitator?

Our Cool Ideas Society (CIS) facilitators are passionate people who are making a difference every day. They host Cool Ideas Society evenings in different cities and help empower people with dreams and ideas. They know how to bring out the best in people, they master skills in ideation and co-creation, they bring the right dosis of energy, they connect people and help individuals take concrete entrepreneurial steps.

Over the years, the number of CIS facilitators have organically grown. Its clear that people like to help people and what better way to do it than in such a societal and creative setting.  In fact one of our facilitators who was once a garden architect is now facilitating and hosting large scale conventions. The ‘kick’ that one gets out of facilitating is enormous but what does it actually take to become a facilitator. Is it something that is cut out for you?

Read the free course on what it takes to become a facilitator.

Who knows you may even want to become a member of our Academy for facilitators. The world os for exploring.

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