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CIS on Tour in London – 16th April 2014

On 16th April, Cool Ideas Society will have its première in London. The evening will be facilitated by two international team members who happen to be in London that day and out on a mission to ‘make things happen’. The place to be is The Cross Keys, 57 Black Lion Lane, London W6 9BG at 7pm. For this evening we are looking for to help two people (pitchers) with an innovative idea, a dream, an entrepreneurial challenge or just a vague concept/ambition. So if you are someone we can help (or maybe you know someone we can contact), then do let us know. Together we co-create and lift the plan to higher levels. The vibe is awesome and for free (besides your own drinks). Send an email to in order to…
a) register for this event
b) submit your pitch
c) or to find out more

Or register via our facebook event page.

Hope to see you then.

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