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"Every time again I am impressed by the amount of energy that breaks free during the sessions, especially between people that hardly know each other."

Michiel Janssen, Vodafone, Netherlands

  • Bringing Ideas into Action

    Thinking of ideas is not the hardest part - its to give ideas meaningful context and momentum. We facilitate ideation sessions in a way that will get you closer to the heart of the challenge. Contact Us

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    Do you want to know more about how you can nurture 'cool ideas' in your environment - in your local community or within organisatons - then do contact us. We'd love to hear from you. Contact Us

CIS Kick Starts in San Francisco, USA

Cool Ideas Society is the place to bring your ideas, concepts and dreams to life. We facilitate a social open innovation platform to help stimulate the world of possibilities. People from all walks of life help & inspire each other to make things happen. We’ve been doing this for years in the Netherlands, Europe, China and Mexico and are now bringing it to the States.

We believe that everyone has a “cool something” they want to do: a project,idea or a dream. We have created a space for you to meet other like-minded people that want to come closer and build upon their “cool thing”. The interaction is very special.

We’ll be helping one/two idea-pitchers this evening. So if you have an idea, dream or business challenge you want creative ideas, feedback or contacts for, then let us know. Using creative and fun ways we’ll unlock the potential and possibilities. And we will have time for everyone else to share and network with. The evening is free. And, since this is originally a Dutch initiative, we ask you to bring your own drinks and snacks.

Wednesday, October 29th  7-9:30 pm

1199 Bush Street (on SE corner of Hyde)
San Francisco
Lower Level Conference Room

How Much?
FREE!  That’s right!  Nothing!  We do suggest bringing your own drinks and a snack to share.  Seats are limited, so contact Sue early at to register!

NOTE: CIS San Francisco might just be a one time event. But we don’t want that. IF you’re interesting in being part of a global community of cool people, let us know and we’ll help you set up! Send a mail to